The Unparalleled Challenge is to End Allergies Together

Evening-to-Eat-home-page-graphic-300x123Kitchology enjoyed a spectacular fundraising evening with E•A•T (End Allergies Together) last night.

E.A.T leaders
E.A.T leaders

E•A•T is committed to finding a cure for food allergies by directly funding the researchers who strive to find solutions for this growing epidemic. E•A•T is the only independent organization solely focused on raising money for a cure. E•A•T focus is to relentlessly raise money for food allergy research. At E•A•T they underwrite administrative costs so that 100% of net proceeds goes straight to the scientists working to find a cure. Researchers need money to accelerate the pace of clinical trials.

The E•A•T event was a live open & honest conversation with three of the country’s leading scientists in the movement to cure food allergies. The Master of Ceremonies featured, News Anchor, NBC News “Weekend TODAY” Sheinelle Jones. The leading specialist included…EAT speakers

Sharon Chinthrajah, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Co-Director of Fare Clinical Network Site, Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research

Duane Wesemann, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Associate Physician, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Xiu-Min Li, MD, MS

Professor of Pediatrics, Director of Center for Integrative Medicine for Allergies and Wellness, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Colette Martin
Co-founders Iris Sherman/Alain Briancon with Blogger and Food Allergy Cookbook… Famous Author Colette Martin

E•A•T was founded on the premise that everyone’s contribution, big or small, is crucial.

Just10Bucks_homepage-300x209-300x209If each of us –  17 million or so Americans touched by food allergies – would donate just $10 each this year, we would go a long way toward filling the funding gap. Reaching out to family and friends and asking them to donate might close the gap entirely.

To find out more about EAT and do your part toward funding a cure, click here.


E•A•T is building a medical advisory team comprised of highly knowledgeable scientists and physicians who are leaders in the field but not conducting their own studies.  This ensures an objective funding allocation process. Research will be selected though an annual grant review process.Line-Graph1-300x150

We need your help! Spread the word, join E•A•T efforts, and/or take a minute (literally!) to donate. We will keep you informed of the studies we support and the outcomes they generate.

E•A•T’s Food Allergy Research Areas

  • Food Desensitization

e.g., oral immunotherapy, sublingual immunotherapy, transdermal patch therapy

  • Medication Treatments

e.g., XOLAIR (Omalizumab), herbal formulas

  • Basic Science (root cause)

e.g., genetics, T-cell immune response, gut bacteria


Join E•A•T!


End Allergies Together

P.O. Box 786

Fairfield, CT 06824

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Dr. Alain Briancon is the CEO and Co-Founder (with Iris Sherman) of Kitchology. He caught the startup bug in his forties and has been unable to shake it ever since.

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