Kitchology is Proud to be Winner of Big Award

Kitchology, Winner In 16th Annual Maryland Incubator Company Of The Year!

Dear readers, Kitchology has GREAT news to share with you!  Yesterday, we were named as this year’s Maryland Incubator Company of the Year (ICOY) Awards. Specifically, we won the best consumer product category.   This came about from a group of regional industry leaders and early-stage investors.  They were selected to recognize the achievements of current and graduated companies within Maryland’s incubator, read start-up, community.

We are thrilled to have this recognition from the Maryland Business Community.  We proudly accept and share this award with our Kitchology team whose tireless efforts made this award possible. In addition to the team, we want to thank our early investors and brands who believed in us.

We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to you, our readers. We appreciate every view, every comment, everytime you share with us on social media.  This helps us to strengthen our brand so that we can continue to serve you, in particular our special dieters.

You may not know this piece of information, but we started this company as a discussion around a kitchen table.  Now, through all of our efforts we’re able to empower a community of consumers and brands to make better food decisions.


Aside from the blog, Kitchology is also a mobile app.

Kitchology is the first company to create an integrated social cooking platform for the 160 million people like yourselves dealing with special diets.  Also, we serve the suppliers who sell to them. We’re helping consumers overcome food restriction limitations.  Kitchology’s technology applies machine learning to nutrition science. Machine learning allows us to help you to match ingredients and modify recipes.  Were streamlining meal planning so it is easier to make ingredient substitutions, purchasing decisions,  step-by-step cooking and foster sharing capabilities. Be sure and check out our FREE app.

Just for fun…

Here’s an example of machine learning  from the American Art Visionary Museum in Baltimore, MD where the award ceremony took place.  These cute robots remind me of the ones we talked about in in a recent food technology post called “Can robots change the way we eat and live?”


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Thank You Everyone!

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Dr. Alain Briancon is the CEO and Co-Founder (with Iris Sherman) of Kitchology. He caught the startup bug in his forties and has been unable to shake it ever since.

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