Innovate and Celebrate with Kitchology as a top 50 Startup of the Year

Kitchology is proud to be attending Innovate and Celebrate 2016 with

Kitchology is proud to be attending Innovate and Celebrate 2016 with










Kitchology is excited and privileged to announce that we are a finalist in the September Innovate! and Celebrate  Tech.Co  4th annual Startup of the Year competition. After reviewing 1,000 applications, a whirlwind round of judging and scoring and evaluating a Reader’s Choice poll, Tech.Co has narrowed the field to 50 startup companies who will complete for this distinction next week at their conference in Silicon Valley. We, at Kitchology are so proud to be amongst these 50 budding startups hoping to change the world with our innovative ideas. We can’t wait for everyone to see our revolutionary technology which will be showcased on display at the competition. A who’s who of the start up world will be present at this momentous occasion.

The Consumer Technology Association

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, producers of CES®, and Tech.Co are joining forces to launch Innovate! and Celebrate, a 3-day global conference in Silicon Valley, where the biggest names in tech intersect with cutting-edge startups from around the world. The conference will feature speakers such as Jeff Clavier, founder SoftTechVC, Naveen Jain, CEO Moon Express, Justin Fishkin, Chief Strategy Officer Local Motors, as well as mentor sessions by top tech leaders, unique off-site excursions, workshops, pitch competition, Startup of the Year Party and more.  The conference will be held on September 20-22 at the Fairmont in downtown San Jose, CA.

“CTA is thrilled to bring this premiere event to Silicon Valley, which is globally recognized as center stage for technology startups and innovation,” said Karen Chupka, senior vice president, CES and corporate business strategy, CTA. “As owner and producer of CES – the Global Stage for Innovation – we see immense value in bringing Innovate! and Celebrate to the birthplace of the American startup movement, connecting today’s entrepreneurs with some of the world’s best-known, established companies. Technology is changing our lives for the better, and this event is designed for the innovators and creators at the heart of the tech revolution.”


We will be showcasing our app

Dr. Alain Briancon, Kitchology’s co-founder, will be releasing the “Scallop” version of our award winning mobile app at this event. The app, rebuilt from scratch, now supports pregnancy & nursing and is 100% goodness. Our first release, “Octopus” (This is a food centric business, after all.) was sliced, diced and commented on by our early adopters. They suggested that if we followed their instructions to fix one thing or another our app would help us all eat better. So, yes, we heard you, early adopters. Our app is now being renamed “eat.better”.

Check it out here…

How “Eat.Better” works:  

Start by choosing a recipe either from one of our branded recipe channels or one from the web. The channels may either be sponsored by a food brand, a blogger, an NGO, a health and wellness partner or an ecosystem of apps. To facilitate the process, our clipping software allows you to take the recipe directly from Google or from another recipe site.

Next, problematic ingredients in any of the above sourced recipes are highlighted in your previously created user profile. We recommend recipe ingredient substitutions matched to your profile’s stated needs. As an example, let’s say you want to make Chicken Parmesan avoiding gluten and milk. In this scenario, we highlight those ingredients that pertain to wheat (gluten) and dairy. Then, we suggest new compliant ingredients. You simply select the ones you prefer.

Kitchology is like Netflix and Pandora but for food and more.and.more.

Over time we get to know you increasingly well. Just as Netflix and Pandora have done for movies and music respectively, we too are making future recommendations based on a person’s previous selections. Our comprehensive machine learning algorithms map out each scenario utilizing 80,000 culinary rules and an ingredient database of half million ingredients.

You are now ready to cook. We stay with you throughout the entire cooking process, encouraging you to share your insights on your favorite social channels.

Over time we become more insightful. Our nutrition guide enables you to make healthier choices when following a specific diet. For example, if you are a diabetic or cancer patient following a specific menu plan we are there to support your nutritional needs. After all, good nutritional practices are essential to maintaining the body’s nutritional stores, thus improving quality of life.

Cutting edge technology combined with broadly influential people have helped contribute to this achievement.

 Join us at #innovatecelebrate ! We will be there competing for #Startupoftheyear
Celebrate #innovatecelebrate with top 50 startups at Innovate! and Celebrate 2016 with us @Kitchology @Kitchenchick123.

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Dr. Alain Briancon is the CEO and Co-Founder (with Iris Sherman) of Kitchology. He caught the startup bug in his forties and has been unable to shake it ever since.

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