Back to the Future is Epic Goodness with Kitchology

Kitchology: Smooth Sailing Ahead for Dieters…Smoothing the Way for Special Dieters

Arriving today… Zooming into Apple’s app store at 88 mph…Kitchology®!  Announcing our one of a kind mobile platform for special dieters! The first official download was registered to one Emmett Brown whose reaction was: “Great Scott! As someone watching what I eat, this is exactly what I need.” Noah Peterson’s reaction (pictured) was more muted: “So far, I’m  still breast feeding. So, I will wait for the next K.2 release!”
At Kitchology, we are committed to improving the life of the 83 million people with food allergies and intolerances by harnessing the power of technology and community. Having to deal with food allergies and intolerances does not mean you are stuck with unsavory foods and tired rethreads. Why? Because when food is wellness, the cooks are the solution… provided they have the right tools and the right connection to one another. So bring on the tools and connection, Doc!
Kitchology is a cook-centric, advanced, digital platform that aligns cooks’ profiles and activities with the food they prepare. Steeped in Kitchology’s Kitchen Science ® to provide the most personalized and useful results, this tool was designed with cooks in mind and sticks with the user all the way from recipe discovery to the end result, learning more and more about the user each time. The app assists in the creation of intelligent shopping lists and more. The Kitchology app is available for iOS devices. It is also available on the web at
Families with food allergies and intolerances are passionate about sharing their insights like original recipes like Beef Tannen’s Stew, information, and expert guidance on how to best rehydrate a pizza. Funneling this community energy is like building a… flux capacitor for special diets.
Download the app here to help grow the Kitchology community and get cooking. Our 1.21 gigawatts powered patent pending recipe ingredient substitution engine (RISE) will be turned on soon and take even further back the future or something like that. Buckle up, because where Kitchology’s going, we don’t need roads.

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Dr. Alain Briancon is the CEO and Co-Founder (with Iris Sherman) of Kitchology. He caught the startup bug in his forties and has been unable to shake it ever since.

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