What Happens in Vegas… Humm… Will be Blogged in Vegas!


Vegas here we come!

Kitchology is going to Vegas. Not for vacation, for work.  We are excited to be attending the Food Allergy Blogger Conference (FAB)  November 2-4.  This is a unique gathering, bringing the leading food allergen bloggers together to share ideas, resources, learn best practices, meet face to face and align agenda to amplify our collective voice. We have  been sporting the button for this conference on our blog for a while.  Why not take a peek by clicking through?

Did you know that 103 million Americans believe that they or a member of their family are affected by food allergy or intolerance? Whether they truly are or not, that is a third of the US population. This affects the way they shop, the meals they choose, the steps they take cooking.  Those families dealing with a child with allergies are also affected in the pocket book.  Annual food-allergy-related costs are nearly $4,200 per child, according to JAMA Pediatrics report released Sept. 16, 2013. This works out to about $24.8 billion a year nationwide. The national total includes $4.3 billion in direct medical costs and $20.5 billion in costs to families. Hospitalizations accounted for the largest amount of direct medical costs, at $1.9 billion. Costs for outpatient visits to allergists reached $819 million, emergency-room visits were $764 million and pediatrician visits were $543 million.  Special diets and allergen-free foods cost families $1.7 billion a year, the study estimated. The cost of lost work productivity when caregivers take their children to medical visits is $773 million a year.

These are huge numbers.  That is why this conference opportunity is important. Bloggers dispense advice based on their research and insight, making it more pragmatic and less preachy than either commercial businesses or advocates. This balanced approach is the right approach.

This is  the second year for this special groupThe conference organizers have been hard at work bringing the best bloggers and specialists in this field together.  The line-up includes:

▪       Jenny Sprague; Multiple Food Allergy Help, Founder, Manager, Advisory Board Member

▪       Homa Woodrum; Oh Mah Deehness, Co-Founder, Manager, Advisory Board Member

▪       The Caroline Moassessi; Grateful Foodie, Advisory Board Member

▪       Elizabeth Goldenberg; Onespot Allergy & Epicenter Medical, Advisory Board Member

▪       Colette Martin; Learning to Bake Allergen Free, Advisory Board Member

▪       Elisa Camahort Page; Co-Founder of  BlogHer, Advisory Board Member

▪       Tiffany Glass Ferreira, Food Allergy Fun,  Graphic Design, Advisory Board Member

▪       Joel Warady, Enjoy Life Foods, Advisory Board Member

▪       Leila Miyamoto, Don’t Speak Whinese, Advisory Board Member

Kitchology focus is families with special dietary needs. n addition to the traditional challenges of wanting variety and efficiency around the kitchen and shopping, these families must make sure that food is prepared safely whether from scratch or prepared dishes. Our web portal is designed to help streamline the complexities surrounding recipe management, particularly when ingredient substitution is an essential part of the meal planning process.  Our first mobile app… well it is under wrap, let us say there is NOTHING like it out there. This conference is a unique opportunity for us to tweak it based on inputs from this special group.

Let us know if you are coming too (email is info@kitchology.com). We would love to meet. Remember what happens in Vegas will be blogged in Vegas! Well almost everything.

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About Alain Briancon

Alain Briancon is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kitchology. He caught the startup bug in his mid forties and has not been able to stop ever since.

About Alain Briancon 68 Articles

Alain Briancon is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kitchology. He caught the startup bug in his mid forties and has not been able to stop ever since.

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