Baking Gluten-Free Bread: 5 Must-Try Recipes

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly-baked bread, is there?

That buttery, yeasty aroma used to be the first thing I’d wake up to every morning, and it always reminds me of home. I love baking bread, and there are so many different breads and rolls recipes that the options seem endless.

That love isn’t something that changes when you go gluten-free… but luckily, baking bread isn’t something you have to give up! There are plenty of gluten-free bread recipes out there, and I’ve collected a few of them for you to enjoy. Hopefully you’ll find one that you like, and will be kneading dough again in no time!

Oatmeal Maple Bread

oatmeal maple bread

“This bread has great texture and is perfect for sandwiches or toast. The maple syrup does double duty, adding flavor and activating the yeast. Rolls have a thick, crispy crust with an airy, slightly chewy interior.” –

French Bread

french bread

“This gluten-free French bread truly hits the spot. It satisfies any bread cravings you may have, and you can make it in under an hour.” –Linda Etherton,

Soft Sandwich Bread

sandwich bread

“One thing I really like about this bread is that it is really good eaten just plain.  When I say plain–I mean it.  I mean without toasting and without any spread.  Of course, I will never hesitate to put butter on something that even vaguely requires it, so I butter this, too.  But the thrilling thing is that you don’t NEED anything on this bread to make it yummy.  It just is.” Jeanne from

Paleo Bread

“This bread is just a bit lighter and fluffier than my other breads.  It has a nice nutty flavor from the flax meal which makes it almost have a kind of “whole wheat” thing going on, and it has a lovely little bit of sweet flavor from the honey.” –Elana from

Challah Bread


“It is moist, tender, slightly sweet, slightly eggy … just as good challah bread should be. It’s great on its own, or used for sandwiches, or for French toast, or whatever.” Pete from No Gluten, No Problem.

Do you have any gluten-free bread recipes to share? We’d love to hear your recommendations!

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