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Interesting Nut News You Might Not Have Known

 Are you getting everything you can from your favorite NUT?  Do you know the certain vitamins or minerals you get from having say a pistachio or a hazelnut? That’s ok, this information may not be common knowledge to most, but we’ve got the answers to these questions and any more you may have about the most popular consumed nuts!  Whether you […]

Kitchology’s Top 3 Paleo Breakfast Recipes

 A paleo diet is based on the sorts of food believed to have been eaten by the earliest humans. Paleo diets consist of mostly lean meat, fish, veggies, nuts, and fruit, and leaves out dairy, grains, processed food, sugars, and alcohol. Although paleo diets have strict rules, they also offer benefits such as weight loss, increased iron levels, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Start […]

Horned melon

It Tastes like Bananas, Limes, Passion Fruit & Cucumber – The Horned Melon

As briefly hinted at last Fruit Friday post, the horned melon is one fruit that truly intrigues me! In fact Specialty Produce provides us with quite a few vernaculars for this Cucurbitaceae family member including: kiwano, African Horned melon, African Horned cucumber, hedged gourd, jelly melon, blowfish fruit, cherie and melano. All of these names surely catch my eye but […]

Romanesco: Cauliflower’s Cooler Cousin

This Foodie Friday brings you an intriguing veggie packed with nutritional benefits: Romanesco.  Although it takes a very unique, fractal shape, Romanesco is a variation of cauliflower with a more textured and nutty taste. It can substitute broccoli or cauliflower in practically any recipe, and with all the vitamins and nutrients packed into this power vegetable, maybe it should. Zinc […]

Spring Showers Bring Edible Flowers: Tulips

Today we’re going to take a look at eating Tulips. A little history: Tulips didn’t start out in Holland. Tulips were thought to originate in Turkey and made their way to Holland in the sixteenth century. During the great depression people in Holland resorted to eating tulip bulbs. I do not advise it. At first doctors claimed it was okay […]

Thirsty Thursday: Quick and Healthy Spring Smoothies

Many foodies love a good smoothie. What’s not to like? They taste great, you can make them in tons of varieties, and they’re nutritious too. But a lot of us also don’t have the time and energy to craft the perfect smoothie that we all enjoy having. Well here at Kitchology, we’ve got you covered! This week on Thirsty Thursday, we are featuring healthy […]

KIND or ‘KIND OF’ “Healthy” Bars?

There has been a lot of buzz over the KIND bars, from the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), over the bars product descriptions…mainly.  Before taking any sides on the matter, here are some of the facts as presented by an FDA in a letter to the KIND company about their bars. The issues arise over various labeling problems that the […]

Black Beans Fat Fill In

What would you say if I told you that to make brownies I need chocolate AND black beans?! Shocked? Surprised? Ecstatic? I admit, the first time I heard about using black beans to make brownies, I scrunched my face. Like many, I head to the dessert section of the restaurant menu to satisfy my sweet tooth, not for the potassium, fiber […]

Thriving with Food Allergies – Wheat Intolerance (an Interview with Jen)

Today’s interview is with my friend Jen. Jen’s never been technically diagnosed, but like many others has figured out that her body doesn’t tolerate wheat. She also eats primarily non-GMO corn products due to her discoveries and favors organic sugar. Thanks Jen for sharing your story! How did you find out about your intolerances? About a year ago, I decided […]

Simple, Delicious & Only 3 Ingredients

Although a nice lavish meal with complex flavor profiles and palette satisfying ingredients is all well and good.  However, sometimes the same feeling can be achieved with simple ingredients and fewer than you think!  Below is a short list of some delicious gluten free recipes that have a shorter ingredient list than most shopping lists do.  Please feel free to […]

Master The Art Of Cauliflower: The “It” Ingredient

I noticed on Google when doing some research on this versatile vegetable, there was an astounding 1 million hits! Why so many? I discovered there are so many reasons this is the case. Cauliflower is a potent ingredient substitution for starches like potatoes and rice, and when pureed, it provides a creamy texture that can be applied to many different dishes […]

Sugar Alternative: Dates

I’ll never forget the time I asked my friend if she liked dates. Her initial response was “I haven’t been on many, but I guess.” Now every time I think of the food dates, I have to chuckle as that conversation quickly comes to mind. To clarify, I’m asking all of you today, do you like the food dates? To […]


Kitchology’s Food Money Saving Tips

Everyone wants to feel in control of their diet and even more importantly their checkbook!  There are unlimited resources, depending on location of course, to truly design your very own diet specifications.  Although there are resources to maybe cut some corners in respects to time, they may actually be costing you more than separately piecing the recipe together yourself.  It […]

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Allergy vs Intolerances – Understanding the Differences with these Similar Diagnosis

Although generally meaning the same thing, when it comes to food these two terms are very different.  This article will help us better understand the blurred line between these terms and appropriate a correct diagnosis for a child or adult’s reaction to allergen triggers. Even though they have some similarities, the slight differences between allergy and intolerance lie within the varying symptoms […]

Kitchology’s Top 3 Gluten Free Recipes for Kids

Kids can be picky eaters at times, especially when you try to get them to try something new. Having a gluten allergy adds another level of difficulty to feeding your child. Since some gluten free alternatives have a different taste than what your child may be used to, (which may cause picky eaters to turn their noses up at them) we’ve […]


Berry Exciting Fruit News

It’s inevitable that the snow and rain will subside for Spring to blossom, fingers crossed!  Hoping for sunshine and high temperatures brings plans of getting outside more to run, play and continue the fitness goals you said you were going to stick to in the winter. There is no reason why the warm weather brings on the junk food, rather […]