Thriving with Food Allergies: Wheat Allergy (an Interview with Andrea A.)

Today’s interview is with Andrea A, who is allergic to wheat. She’s graciously offered to share our story and we’re so happy to have her!  Getting Diagnosed “I have a wheat allergy. I found out when my ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist) ordered allergy tests. Because I have had anaphylactic reactions before, he ordered blood tests. I went to […]


Guilt-free Flavored Water? – Give me a hint

Flavored water has been around for quite some time now, but this isn’t your regular water with some sugary fruit substitute. Less truly is more with hint flavored waters. More than just water, hint and the bubblier hint fizz have 0 sugar, 0 diet sweeteners, 0 stevia (sugar replacement), 0 preservatives, 0 calories, and 0 GMOs (genetically modified organisms). In […]

Power Up with Homemade Energy Bites!

A few months ago I started yoga teacher training at Yoga Vida and the new exercise regimen stirred up quite an appetite! I found myself grabbing a lot of energy bars on my breaks from training, but my new snacking habit was quickly getting pretty costly. After doing some research on store-bought energy bars I found that they actually aren’t […]

Breaking Free From Sugar Addiction

by Sarah Fader I have a confession to make: I have a sugar addiction. Yes, I have a sweet tooth, but it goes beyond that. I cannot pass a bakery without buying something delicious and filled with sugary goodness. My favorite sweet item of all time is the famous New York City black and white cookie. The trouble is, eating copious amounts of […]

Kitchology Presents at MIT R&D Conference

Kitchology is thrilled to announce that it has been selected to participate in the Startup Exhibit of the prestigious MIT R&D Conference 2014 on November 19. The MIT Research and Development Conference connects companies with cutting-edge discoveries and emerging technologies affecting their industries. The conference features presentations by leading experts and provides opportunities to network with MIT faculty and industry executives with a focus […]

Thriving with Food Allergies: A Family with Various Allergies/Intolerances (an Interview with Dan S.)

This week’s interview is with Dan S. and he’s sharing his family’s food allergies and intolerances. They have a few to manage, which makes cooking dinner interesting, to say the least in their household! How did you find out about your family’s allergies/intolerances? I have had known allergies to tree nuts since a bad reaction in junior high. My wife was diagnosed […]

Allergen Free Chocolate Covered Fruits Your Kids will Love

  Almost everyone, especially kids, loves sweet treats so why not teach them to enjoy healthier and allergen-free options. The more colorful and playful the dessert, the more fun your kids will have eating allergen friendly sweet alternatives. I love experimenting with healthier sweet choices, usually incorporating  some chocolate…what’s not to love! One of my favorite creations, Chocolate Covered Fruit Platter,  is allergen […]

5 Allergen-Friendly Food Gifts in a Jar

It happens every year: Thanksgiving comes and goes then you end up in panic-mode trying to get all your gifts for the holidays in December. Well, I’m here to help! I suggest jumping on the food-in-a-jar trend bandwagon because these gifts are adorable, useful, and easy to make. Here are 5 of the best allergen-friendly ideas that I found around the web: […]

Kitchology is Featured on Startup Alley at TEDCO’s Entrepreneurial Expo

Kitchology is pleased to announce our participation at TEDCO’ s Entrepreneurial Expo held in Baltimore on Wednesday, November 12th. Kitchology will mingle with over 500 entrepreneurs and seasoned investors. The featured speaker for this event is David Rose, Founder of GUST, one of the most recognized platforms for connecting startup companies with interested investors. GUST has connected more than 200,000 startups (including Kitchology of coursewith over […]

What’s This Paleo Diet All About?

Photo via Guest post by Sarah Fader You may have heard the word “Paleo” floating around amongst your friends who are into the latest health trends. My girl Donna jumped on the Paleo diet train and I wanted to know what it was all about. I wondered if I could successfully modify my current diet to become Paleo-friendly in order to experience the […]

Thriving with Food Allergies: Fructose Malabsorption (an Interview with Lindsay)

Today’s interview is with Lindsay, Timothy’s mom. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story and encourage others that may be in a similar (confusing) situation. Timothy’s Story My son has a digestive disorder called Fructose Malabsorption. We knew from the time he was one year old that something wasn’t right. He was sick a lot – allergies, […]

Kitchology Sponsors the FARE Teen Summit

Teenage years are complicated and can be an emotional battlefield. Now, add food allergies!  According to studies within the last 5 years, more than 8.5% of people between the ages of 14-18 have a food allergy. Kitchology is proud to participate as a Silver Sponsor at the 9th Annual FARE Teen Summit, which is a 3-day event, being held November 7-9, 2014 […]


Allergies Shouldn’t Sideline Your Child Athlete

As a child I wanted nothing more than to play with my teammates and friends every week. Traveling to sports tournaments far from home presented challenges in finding healthy meal options.  This can be even more difficult for someone living with a food allergy. Team pasta dinners or wing nights coordinated by the coaches, could leave a child with food allergies sitting on the sidelines.  In […]

Better Bean, Simply the Best

“Not a Cook” Makes a Discovery I only cook if I have to, and even then the dishes I prepare are not always welcomed. That said, I am a huge foodie looking to conserve calories and money. Not too much to ask…right? So, when I discover a product at the grocery store that is palette pleasing, quick to prepare and […]

Kitchology Tops the Fan Favorite of Startup Maryland

Thank you all for lighting up the social networks for Kitchology! Because of you, we topped the list as a “FAN FAVORITE” of Pitch Across Maryland. This is a huge honor for Kitchology. We got noticed by many, with close to 6500 views and over 1400 likes. The positive comments and likes show the potential momentum of Kitchology as we […]

Happy (Gluten-Free) Halloween! Keep the Treats, Ditch the Trickery

Goblins, ghouls and ghosts might be spooky, but in many ways, hidden gluten in candies is spookier. This Halloween, get your fill of trick-free treats with gluten-safe and gluten-free sweets. Thanks to a list recently compiled by, we can easily determine whether our favorite confections are gluten-free. Just remember: Double-check labels and read manufacturer’s information before savoring the sweets listed below. […]