Thirsty Thursday: Tropical Mango Smoothies

This week for your smoothie inspiration, we are featuring health-boosting mango smoothies! There’s nothing more refreshing to me than when I have this tropical fruit. Mangoes provide a variety of health benefits including increases in bone health, fiber intake, and skin and hair preservation. Additionally, it will provide you with a daily dose of vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium.  With invigorating taste […]

Thriving with Food Allergies – Thyroiditis (an Interview with Leslie)

Today’s interview is with Leslie. Leslie is very passionate about advocating for those affected by food intolerances and allergies. I’m excited to share her story with y’all. Take it away Leslie! How did you find out about your/your family member’s allergies/intolerance? Around 2009 my 13 year old daughter told me her hands felt like they were on fire. Then she […]

Taste Test Tuesday: Gluten Free Sourdough Bread

I’ve recently been trying out the anti-inflammatory diet to help control my rheumatoid arthritis, which means reducing the amount of wheat I consume. That has been one of the most difficult changes for me because I also have a fast metabolism and need to eat a lot of carbs to keep from losing weight. Most of the pre-made gluten free breads I’ve found in […]

Crazy Food Laws, Part 4: Dairy and Milk Products

This is our fourth in a series of articles (1,2,3) about strange food laws. In our previous installment, we discussed fish and whaling laws. If you thought whaling was over regulated, wait until you check out dairy. From milk, to cheese, to yogurt, there is no shortage of crazy laws. Please Note Dear Reader: This is NOT a legal reference; […]

Kitchology Top 3: Favorite Gluten Free Youtube Channels!

There are so many amazing resources out there that seem to be growing by the hundreds day by day. YouTube is no exception to the gluten free movement! There seem to be an endless supply of interesting videos and channels to choose from. Even Kitchology has started up its new YouTube channel to start showcasing great recipes from our community! […]


2015 Superfood – LYCHEE

Switching back from a food without legs, this edition of Foodie Friday brings a rare fruit with tons of benefits. Lychee, or also known as Litchi chinensis, are an exotic summer fruit that are not only juicy and sweet but also provide a cooling effect on the human body to beat the heat, according to Nutrition-and-you. If you have not […]

Thirsty Thursday: Go Green! Try Organic Green Smoothies

Have you ever thought of going green with your smoothies? This week we are featuring organic smoothies made from nutritious greens! Yes, the color is definitely different, but don’t let that scare you away. Try it — it’s delicious! Stock your fridge for the week with organic avocados, kale, and baby spinach along with your favorite fruits and veggies for […]

Thriving with Food Allergies – Sullivan’s Artificial Food Dye Allergy

Today’s interview is with Rachel F. She has an adorable little boy named Sullivan who has a dairy intolerance and is allergic to artificial food dyes. Here’s their family’s story: How did you find out about your/your family member’s allergies/intolerances? My son was having mysterious fever spikes, hives, flushing and was vomiting all the time. Our doctor suggested doing a […]

Taste Test Tuesday: Kefir

Probiotic drinks made from kombucha and kefir are gaining in popularity because of their various health benefits, but a bottle of kombucha can cost upwards of $5 a piece. That can really add up over time. The good news is that making probiotic drinks with kefir at home is very easy and will save you a great deal of money. […]

Crazy Food Laws, Part 3: Fish

    This is our third in a series of articles about strange food laws. In this installment, we cover laws dealing with fish. Recall, this list is NOT a legal reference. We are sharing this information purely for your entertainment – scratch that- time wasting purposes. First, we want to preface this list, emphasizing that fish is an important […]

Kitchology Top 3: The Best Imitation Crab Recipes

The Best In Imitation Crab Recipes Another week and another set of favorites! Dietary restrictions with sea food vary for sure from allergies to ethical to simple preference. Among the items that are common to change in the your menus is without a doubt crab. There are some amazing seafood dishes that just aren’t the same without the texture and […]


Foodie Friday – CRICKETS

Jumping with all kinds of Nutritional Value – Crickets and other insects could be crawling their way into your Diet!  Yes we are talking about those crunchy creatures called crickets! In accordance with the 2014 Huffington Post Article by Kristin Kirkpatrick along with further research upon this strange new fad from Men’s Health, insects are sure to be added to […]

Thirsty Thursday: Super-Fresh, Delicious Smoothie Series

It’s a brand new year, and many of us are ready to take the next step toward eating a more healthy diet. It’s definitely a common goal, but a lot of times the foods you snack on can create a major set-back in that success. Here at Kitchology, we’d like to remedy that by providing you with the best original and healthy […]

Thriving with Food Allergies – An Interview with Darin R.

Today’s interview is with Darin, who shares all about the various food allergies and intolerances that have struck much of his family of six – Darin and his wife, Kate were blessed with four sons! Take it away Darin! How did we find out about all of the food intolerances? Mostly by being beat over the head with them. My […]

Food Intolerances: Ways to Ease Inflammation with Fermented Foods

Nowadays, almost a quarter of our society is affected by food intolerances and the numbers are increasing each year. This isn’t new news to you or me but it can be very evident, especially around mealtimes and social gatherings. We experience shelves packed with food products that contain ingredients to affect our food sensitivities.  Many people, with food intolerances, start to focus […]

Crazy Food Laws, Part 2: Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Shellfish

Here is our second in a series of articles about strange food laws. In this installment, we cover nuts of all varieties and shellfish. Please note this list is NOT a legal reference. It’s provided solely for entertainment – scratch that- time wasting purposes. Peanuts and Tree Nuts It is illegal to eat peanuts at church in Boston, Massachusetts. Here’s […]