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Kitchology’s Top 3 Patio Nacho Recipes

Spring is here at last and with it comes the long awaited patio season. There is nothing better then hanging out with some friends on the patio and enjoying this well deserved spring weather, unless its hanging out and enjoying some killer snacks at the same time. Nachos can be a tricky snack for the gluten free folks out there […]

Deciding Not To Consume Dairy While Nursing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

I am lucky enough that I have never had to deal with food restrictions of any kind. I don’t have food allergies, so throughout the evolution of my cooking repertoire and palette development, I’ve enjoyed a wide range of dishes without really having to worry about what goes in them. Fast forward to my pregnancy – where giving up sushi, […]


Move over Brussel and Alfalfa, There’s a New Stimulating Sprout!

Although usually small and utilized as a garnish for dishes, Broccoli Sprouts are starting to take ‘center plate’ with amazing nutritional benefits and uses. Foodie Friday’s ingredient this week has been sprouting up all over the country, as of lately, due to it’s cancer fighting properties among multiple other health advantages. Kristin Kirkpatrick, M.S., R.D., L.D. explains a little bit of […]

Gluten-Free Cookie Love Cake

Falling deeply in love with something outside of us can often lead to obsession and the type of love we would call ‘unhealthy.’ When it comes down to real love, the road may not always be as pink and perfect but it sure is an adventure worth enjoying. Best of all this is a healthy adventure that teaches us compassion, […]

Thirsty Thursday: Energy-Boosting Smoothies

This week on Kitchology, we challenge you to skip one morning cup of coffee and try one of our fresh, energy-boosting smoothies! As the season changes and allergies start to flare up, it’s important to maintain a strong immune system and keep your strength up. Below you will find recipes for two powerhouse drinks which feature daily doses of fruits and […]

Thriving with Food Allergies – Lactose Intolerance (an Interview with Becky T.)

Today’s interview is with Becky, who has a self-diagnosed lactose intolerance. Her story just goes to show, that you need to be your own health advocate. If you know something isn’t right, keep pressing (or trying new doctors) until you figure out what it is! How did you find out about your lactose intolerance? I was newly married when I […]

The Ultimate Guide To Salads

This is our last week of the “healthy recipe contest” and National Nutrition Month initiatives. Since spring has begun, we start to think about being outside and getting our bodies looking great.  We will be wearing shorts, bathing suits and such real soon if not already.  A great way to get your diet in shape is to enjoy salads.   When it […]

The Only Gluten Free Bagel Recipe You’ll Ever Need!

In New York one of the best ways to start the day is with a fresh, warm bagel. When I lived in Brooklyn there was this amazing bagel shop down the street. At least once a week I would treat myself to a different flavor and pile it high with toppings. Once I moved to the Bronx though, I found […]

How to Make Allergy Cure Possible Through Balance

So what should we eat? This is the most frequently asked question I come across today, yet possibly one of the most difficult to answer. We are also so unique in our own way and we all face our own health challenges from allergies, diseases, food sensitivities and many other. The only thing that we all have in common is […]

A – Z of Growing Your Own Vegetables

The season of growing has begun!  The early bulbs such as daffodils, crocuses and others are appearing.  Just the sound of the word spring brings a smile to my face. It will be warm soon and nature will start to bloom. Have you thought about your garden yet? It’s time. Are you new to gardening? Make sure you know what […]


Kitchology’s Top 3 Gluten Free Beers

Spring has arrived and with it comes the beginning of a long awaited patio season. There are few better ways to ring in the new season than a patio party with friends and family. Light up the barbecue, get out the party snacks and of course wash it all down with some frosty cold ones. Unfortunately for the gluten free […]


Water Floating Veggie that Tops Nutrition Charts

The calendar flies by but Foodie Friday always wraps up your week with a healthy dose of information! This week’s edition brings us to an ingredient that may be familiar by name, but unknown by nutritious value – Watercress. says, one of the best culinary aspects of watercress is its versatility. It can be used as a salad green […]

Have You Heard? 18 Snacks That Can Be Healthy

  Original post by HEIDI MCINDOO We have read over and over again that snacks can often get a bad rap. I know that once I got beyond school age, I kind of ignored snacking and either waited for meal time by starving my cravings or just ended up eating smaller meals in between the bigger ones. Is that snacking? Is that […]

Thriving with both Anaphylactic Food Allergies and Intolerances – an Interview with Anni

Today’s interview is with my friend, Anni. She’s anaphylactically allergic to carrots, corn and pears. Unfortunately, she’s also intolerant of all grains, soy, MSG and aspartame. That’s a lot to deal with/adjust to – let’s read how she did/does! How did you find out about your allergies/intolerances? For me, my food allergy issues began as an adult. I had known […]

Cracking The Taste Test Tuesday: Sunbutter® Code

On my search for a peanut butter alternative a few weeks ago I came across Sunbutter® and I’ve been in love ever since! Sunbutter® has a lovely nutty flavor without the use of peanuts or tree nuts so it’s very allergy friendly (you can see the allergy information here). As well as being a satisfying replacement in my favorite snacks […]

Happy St. Patricks Day

Whiskey with a shamrock floating on top is the custom of today’s holiday. It’s know as Patrick’s Pot.  An old Irish legend telling the story of St Patrick and how he taught an innkeeper a lesson on generosity, is where it all stems from. We first celebrated this festive occasion, St. Patrick’s Day, in America in the year 1737. Not […]