It’s Hot and Spicy Day!

Antique glassware and tray complements of Anastomose. I’ll be spending Hot and Spicy Day on vacation on Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I’m going to be using cayenne pepper, my favorite spicy seasoning, to celebrate the day. For those of us that eat a typical American diet, the prospect of making a spicy dish might seem a little intimidating. If you’re […]

We Have a Love Affair With Salt?

When we first started blogging here at Kitchology we presented “Tasty Flavorsome Flavors”. Early on, we wanted to highlight the importance of flavorings in food products as well as other significant ingredients.  One of the most commonly talked about ingredients is salt. We have a love affair with salt. It’s highly present both in food science and in the manufacturing of […]

Remembering Julia Child on Her Birthday

August 13th marked the 10th anniversary of Julia Child’s death. August 15th would have been her 102nd birthday if she were still alive.   What a shame that she died 2 days before celebrating her 92th birthday.  This 6 foot 2 inch cooking genius was an amazing woman that left quite a legacy! Julia was the oldest of three children, born […]


SUMMER ROMANCE – How it all Began With all of the rain in the beginning of the season, my garden began to explode with summer squashes—in fact, so many, I was not prepared for the courtship ahead. If that wasn’t enough, my neighbors dropped off bags of squash at my door. Oh, they knew I couldn’t sleep until I used […]

Three Great Lassi Recipes to Break Fast (and Other Occasions)

  Lassi is a South Asian yogurt drink consumed many different times of the day for many different occasions for many people. We would like to introduce it to our readership. Lassi is commonly used as a pre-meal appetizer as it is known to ease digestion. My family and I usually drink it during the month of Ramadan, during the late […]

Get a Serving of Veggies in this Sweet Treat!

Sometimes you need to get creative to get enough vegetables into your diet especially when you have kids. With this zucchini bread recipe you can hide some roughage into a sweet treat. Zucchini is a great source of fiber and is rich in heart-healthy potassium. It also has a very subtle flavor which makes it an ideal addition to baked goods. If […]

Can Going Gluten-Free Cure Anxiety?

Do you suffer from anxiety? If you do, likely you’ll try just about anything to see what may help to provide you with some relief. You may be taking an anxiety prescription, tried one in the past, or are holding off to see if there’s anything more “natural” you can try first. Personally, I don’t think we give enough weight […]

Not a Cook Attempts to Make Soup

Guest Post by Maria Briancon These unseasonably cool temps here in Maryland drew my thoughts to dining on a hot and satisfying soup. So, being not a cook, I passed by the supermarket thinking I’d just pick up a container of my favorite black bean soup and trek on my merry way. Unfortunately, there must have been a run on […]

Gluten-Free: The Proper New FDA Labeling Law

Finally! Gluten sufferers received some welcome relief when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled yesterday that packaging must have a uniform standard definition of gluten free as it pertains to a product’s contents.  This new law is expected to aid the up to 3 million Americans who have celiac disease, an autoimmune digestive condition that can only be effectively […]

Allergic to Shellfish? Great Imitation Crab Recipes to Try!

Did you know that a lot of people develop allergies later in life? Recently I got taken by surprise with my first bout of seasonal allergies (I’ve heard they’re particularly bad this year) and boy it’s no picnic! Seasonal allergies aside, I know many people find out they’re allergic to different foods as they get older, shellfish being one of […]

What is the Most Frequently Made Cookie in America?

Today at Kitchology we honor the mother of all cookies, the chocolate chip cookie, and the entrepreneur who created the first, Ruth Wakefield. She was a Depression-era owner of the Toll House restaurant in Whitman, Mass., who decided in 1938 to spread the appeal of her butterscotch cookies she had been serving alongside dishes of ice cream with some cut-up […]

Watermelon Gazpacho

Happy National Watermelon Day! (AUGUST 3) Did you know that watermelons are 92% water? Or that according to the Guiness Book of World Records, the heaviest watermelon weighed 262 pounds? Or that there are about 300 different varieties of watermelon in the US and Mexico? Crazy, right?! Sweet, refreshing, and delicious, watermelons are one of the most popular summer fruits. […]

Fatten your Wallet while Slimming your Waistline

“Eating healthy is just too expensive!” It’s very easy to fall into this trap. With the continual rise of food prices, it seems as though trying to maintain a healthy diet has to cost you an arm and a leg. However,  I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to eat healthy, without having to empty out your entire wallet. Here’s a short […]

Oh’s, and Ah’s for Cheesecake

Today we celebrate National Cheesecake Day with this seminally scrumptious dessert, that is best served chilled during the hot days of summer. With its introduction dating back to the first Olympic games in ancient Greece, the time honored cheesecake has evolved from its simple beginnings as a mixture of   flour, wheat, honey and cheese formed into a cake and baked […]

Product Review: STRONG & KIND Bars

Feel the need to switch up your grocery list this fall? Do away with your basic 100-calorie granola bars. STRONG & KIND granola bars are the perfect product to add to your cart. In the mood for a blast of honey smoked BBQ? How about a little roasted jalapeno?  Packed with 10 grams of protein and 100 percent whole ingredients, these […]

6 Healthy Snack Ideas When You Have to Buy!

It’s no secret that many organizations (including our kid’s schools) are encouraging parents to buy instead of make. The risk of food poisoning and ensuring the ingredients list is safe for those with allergies is understandable, but pre-packaged options aren’t always known for being the healthiest options. If you have this restriction when attending an event (or are pressed for […]