Kitchology Partners With National Grocer’s Association

In a continuation of efforts to bring Kitchology’s technology to the forefront, we announce a collaboration with the National Grocer’s Association’s (NGA) Center for Advancing Retail and Technology (CART), a partnership resulting from evaluation and approval of Kitchology’s solution by the NGA board. Through this collaboration, Kitchology hopes to expand its presence with an audience of suppliers and retailers, thus ultimately […]

FDA to Decode Nutrition Facts

I consider myself a pretty conscientious shopper when it comes to food. I’m not a diligent calorie-counter but I often glance at the Nutrition Facts on packages while making my selections, mentally tallying the percentages to ensure a balanced diet. If you’re like me, you leave the store feeling pretty secure in your decisions (minus that chocolate bar but you […]

Meat Allergies Caused by Ticks?

Can a tick bite really cause someone to develop an allergy to meat? According to many doctors it can – a single bite from a lone star tick has led to numerous people ending up in the hospital after they eat meat. Lone Star Ticks Lone star ticks – also known as amblyomma americanum – are found all over the United States. […]


Holy Basil of Love Basil has always been one of my favorite herbs, I even grow my own! Throughout history, there are many antidotes and folklore tales about basil: Romanians believed if basil is given to the opposite sex, he or she would be in love with the giver and be faithful. Hindu’s called it holy basil and believed it was sacred; Hindu […]

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon – Does It Really Make Everything Better?

Does bacon make everything better? As a bacon lover, my gut answer is yes – bacon does make everything better. But, in the interest of being fair and balanced, let’s review the facts. Votes for Bacon Besides being scrumptious, bacon is high in protein – something that most people consider a nutritional positive. It is also rich in numerous vitamins and minerals […]

Summer CoolOff from the Mediterranean

Summer is great! The sun, the beach, the time we finally get to sit back and relax with family and friends, for a weekend of barbecuing. There are so many things to enjoy in the summer time but sometimes the heat can be quite overwhelming. Do you often find yourself feeling tired, or maybe way too relaxed to get anything […]

5 Healthy Indian Foods and Their Benefits

Indian Cuisine has a reputation for being unhealthy, but armed with the facts, you can still enjoy Indian food without paying a nutritional penalty! Tandoori Chicken, Palak, Channa Masala, Sambhar Dal, and Roti are a few of the “good guys”. If the right choices are made when choosing what dishes to eat in the Indian Cuisine, then many health benefits […]

Leftover Queen: MOM’S BATTLE PLAN

  School Bells Ringing – Are You Ready? You see the buses, hear the the bells, backpacks are lined up at the front door, but are you ready?  The daily chaos of getting the family into routines and out the door are here; but–then it comes to you–”What am I going to do for lunches, dinner’s and after school snacks?!” […]

Seaweed: Superfood of the Ocean

Should we all be jumping on the seaweed bandwagon? Seaweed has been getting a lot of attention lately and for good reason. With over ten thousand varieties, it’s a very versatile food source. It’s even been labeled one of today’s most popular superfoods. But why? What Is a Superfood? The meaning of the word superfood is open to debate. There are those […]

Celebrate Toasted Marshmallow Day!

Tomorrow is National Toasted Marshmallow Day, which is perfect timing since most of us will be firing up the grill for Labor Day weekend. Of course, you can’t toast marshmallows without making S’mores! I used store bought marshmallows but if you would like to make your treat more allergen-friendly, try this recipe to make your own. Antique dishware complements of […]

Allergen-Free Explore NYC

Lately, there has been an allergic epidemic spreading nationwide, especially in the big metropolitan areas, like New York City. The number of people, dealing with allergies, has skyrocketed and making it even more difficult for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do you often feel scared to go out to eat or even show your face on the street, feeling […]

Vegan Dish: Oh Sweet Brussels

Brussels, Belgium- a historically and culturally rich city, which is definitely on my travels bucket list but this is not what I am referring to here. Today, I would like to share with you a nutritiously rich meal that will not only satisfy your starving belly but will also fuel you up with energy, strength and vitality. What’s even more […]

Halal vs Kosher: are They the Same or Different?

Halal and Kosher, Kosher and Halal, what is the real difference? The major difference is that the Halal rules applies to meat only, while Kosher rules apply to food in general. Both Kosher and Halal certified products convey a sense of food quality and safety to consumers.  This safety and quality effect has been demonstrated with recent growth in both markets […]

Healthier Potato Chip Options

Are potato chips really that yummy or do we just remember them that way due their perfect balance of sugar, fat, and salt? Regular potato chips can have the power to be addicting –  like the Lays catchphrase totes, betcha can’t eat just one! Unfortunately not being able to stop after one – or a handful, puts our waistline and […]

Food Swapping 101

Food swapping is one of the newest and hottest food trends around! What is it? Think of it like a farmer’s market, but with the goal of trading, rather than buying/selling. Food swapping events are usually recurring in nature and feature homemade, homegrown or foraged foods being traded or swapped within a community or neighborhood. How Does it Work? Usually […]

Added Sugar; Optimizing Taste or Your Waistline?

Sugar is starting to be cast as a potentially addictive substance, rather than just a feel good love interest. Don’t get me wrong, there are many foods that we eat that include natural sugars (like fruits and vegetables) that aren’t harming us per say. Natural and whole foods are good for us. It’s the processed foods we tend to get […]